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Energetic Capital: Financing that meets the moment for C&I developers

Updated: Apr 25


We launched Energetic Capital to provide a better construction to term financing solution for renewable energy projects in the commercial & industrial segment. Building on the foundation laid by Energetic Insurance, our mission continues to focus on enabling creative and cost-effective financing solutions for projects with sub-investment grade or unrated offtakers.  

Access to commercially feasible post-NTP financing has constrained deployment of onsite decarbonization projects.

Existing financing solutions are inflexible, expensive and slow, offering few options for developers that want to own and operate their projects. Energetic Capital is a response to the feedback we hear from stakeholders everyday: 

  1. Exploring bank markets for C&I projects can be challenging and time consuming, diverting focus from your core focus, project development. 

  2. The growth of developers sometimes exceeds the scaling capabilities of local and regional banks.  

  3. Perception that credit is binary, limiting appetite to offtakers with public, investment grade ratings, while attributing no value to ancillary revenue streams important to C&I projects 

  4. Rigid, checklist underwriting arbitrarily applied to C&I projects reduces debt proceeds without any risk-adjusted context or flexibility. 

  5.  multiple technologies in a single loan

Energetic Capital provides a better C&I financing solution. Our approach to construction to permanent financing is solution oriented, cutting through the noise to identify the best financing solutions for your projects. We have an appetite for mixed technology portfolios on a national scale, with flexible solutions built to scale with our developers. 

To date, we have supported over 1,500 sites across the United States, facilitating approximately $500 million in total energy transition investment. We have helped structure solutions to support solar, solar+storage, community solar, microgrids, and energy efficiency contracts. Energetic Capital is positioned to adapt and thrive amidst the ever-changing landscape of renewable energy financing. Central to our ethos is a desire to serve as a reliable, insightful, and steady partner in all our engagements. Our history of working with leading sponsors and capital partners to support a wide range of renewable energy initiatives underscores our commitment to practical, effective solutions. As Energetic Capital, we remain focused on our goal: to contribute to a sustainable and decarbonized future through strategic financial solutions. 

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