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Innovative Financing

Energetic Capital provides an efficient, scalable financing approach to renewable project development.

We help:  

  • Deploy capital to support the clean energy transition in underserved markets (e.g. unrated, non-investment grade C&I)  

  • Quantify the difference vs. perceived and actual risk in renewable energy project 

  • De-risk transactions with novel structuring & modeling  

Closing the C&I Financing Gap

Energetic Capital offers Flexible Financing for single-site or portfolios distributed energy projects.

Energetic's Competitive Edge

No minimum credit thresholds with focus on non-investment grade offtakers

Competitive cost of capital

Proprietary platform enables rapid assessment of multi-site, mixed-tech portfolios

Construction only, term debt, construction to term 

Add credit insurance to engineer an optimal risk-return profile (when needed)

Loan Commitments 

$2 to $100M

Debt Sizing

1.25x DSCR; max 95% LTV


up to 10 year term on 20 year amortization

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